Stage History

Pray for Peace, Pride and Peace
武楽 BUGAKU – Samurai Art

With a theme of 武の美 Bunobi – beauty of martial arts and Samurai cultures – lying underneath, BUGAKU is the traditional and innovative, and also dynamic and stylish composite art that combines Japanese traditional martial arts and Japanese traditional samurai culture like Noh-theatre or tea ceremony, both of which Samurai practiced and loved.

源 光士郎 Koshiro Minamoto founded 武楽 BUGAKU in 2005, and established 武楽座 BUGAKUZA in 2006.

Since that, he and BUGAKUZA have held performances, workshops and other cultural exchange all around the world, in such as World Heritage Site Santa Croce Basilica in Florence, German Embassy and Zein Palace, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Moscow, San Paolo, Shanghai and among others.

And these years he has more performances as a soloist of Nobunaga Oda, one of the most famous and popular Samurai, with full orchestras.

In June 2019, he and BUGAKUZA joined the international theatrical prize with their BUGAKU stage “Nobunaga Kuyou” in Milan, and received the award “1st Premio del Pubblico” for the stage that gained the most votes from the audience through a year.

They always show and expand the Beauty of Japanese culture and the spirit of Peace through BUGAKU – Samurai Art, aiming to contribute to the Peaceful and Beautiful World.


【 Extracts in the world 】

■ June 2019
Milan, Italy
BUGAKUZA had the stage of BUGAKU – Samurai Art “Nobunaga Kuyou”, and joined the international theatrical prize held by Teatro NO’HMA in Milan, Italy.
And we received the award “1st Premio del Pubblico” for the stage that gained the most votes from the audience through a year.

■ May 2018 & 2019
Moscow & St.Petersburg, Russia
Moscow International Performing Arts Theatre
Performed BUGAKU “Atsumori” as title role 織田信長 of one of the most famous and popular game 「信長の野望」”Ambitions of Nobunaga” and several sole and double performances with the full orchestra,

■ March 26th, Monday, 2012
Thanks from Japan Event in Israel
Japanese culture event at Binyan Rabin in the Hebrew University.
Before the event, we will start with a reception accompanied by refreshments (including sushi) and traditional Japanese music.
The event itself will include a dance by the Bugaku performer Minamoto Koshiro, some koto music by Oiwa Isao, opening words by Dr. Noy and Dr. Otmazgin, a quiz with luxurious prizes, and more

■ November 3, 2011
JCI Japan night Fellowship
At Belgian Bruxelles Wide Gallery

■ December 31, 2010~January 1, 2011
Nepal Pokhara Street Festival

■ November 27, 2009.
【JAPAN FILM FESTIVAL in FIRENTZE / Rassegna di Cinema Giapponese】
It is a project where the overall Japanese culture is expressed from classic entertainments of the Noh and the Kabuki, etc. to pop culture of the animated cartoon and the movie, etc. by ‘World Heritage Firenze’.
It takes the stage in the Basilica di Santa Croce and the Saintes Stefano church, etc. We participates in the Kimono Parade.

■ August 29, 2009
【History Festival】
BUGAKU won the championship in the kabuki person contest.
NHK was introduce it.

■ July 23.24, 2009
We performed to stages of the white stage with the Ebonybones!